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Thermetal Industry Sectors

Thermetal work with the Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metal industries throughout the industrial world.
These include:

  • AEROSPACE (Forging & Heat Treatment of Ni/Cr, Stainless Steel, Titanium & Aluminium Alloys etc)
  • MOTOR (Components, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous )
  • STEEL (Reheating, Heat Treatment of Semi-Finished Materials, Forging etc)
  • STAINLESS STEEL (Reheating, Heat Treatment of Semi-Finished Materials, Forging etc)
  • ALUMINIUM (Primary & Secondary Sectors)
  • COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS (Heat treatment)

Process for semi-finished products and finished components including:

  • Reheating for hot working
  • Hardening, Tempering, Solution Treatment, Annealing, Normalising, Stress Relieving, Precipitation

Process for the Aluminium Industry

  • Solution Treatment & Ageing
  • Homogenising
  • Annealing
  • Stress Relieving
  • Melting & Holding etc

Heating Types:

  • Electrically Heated (air & atmosphere furnaces)
  • Direct Gas Fired
  • Indirect Gas Fired (atmosphere furnaces)

Equipment Types:

  • Walking Beam & Walking Hearth
  • Rotary Hearth
  • Roller Hearth
  • Pusher
  • Cast Link, Chain, Slat Belt, Mesh Belt etc
  • Batch

Temperature Range: Between 150 and 1400 Deg C

Think Furnaces, Think Thermetal!

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